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Download Sermon Notes (Coming Soon)


“Righteousness exalts a nation”

- Proverbs


Goodlife has always had a sense of call to our nation. From the inception of our vision the founding fathers of Goodlife have maintained a sense of destiny for Australia and the desire to see our nation become one that leads the world in faith, love, mercy and justice.

We pursue strategic partnerships with churches and like-minded national organisations, developing a community connectedness model. We will continue to develop, send and support teams who identify locations and regions and in turn strategise towards establishing kindred communities across our nation.

We see the value of involvement and representation in the political landscape of Australia. It is appropriate through local and national action groups, and the support of like-minded political candidates, to have a voice in this vital area. When it comes to the leadership of our nation we all have a voice and we should prayerfully use it.

We believe in supporting and encouraging ethical and integral business people and encouraging faithful and responsible work habits. Positive work environments create positive outcomes.

The family is the bedrock of our culture and we therefore make efforts to equip and encourage healthy, nurturing, parenting and harmonious living. Strength or character in life begins with a safe home setting. Confident and balanced lives are developed in positive home environments.

We see the value in the ongoing support of and engagement with culture influencers and appropriate national agencies who go where we can’t. We believe in and support the work of media organisations, publications, musicians, artists, designers, educators, and others in the arena of public influence that are positive, affirming and in turn build life giving communities.

We will continue to pray for our nation. We will actively pray for the leadership of our nation  and we will hold fast to hope as we engage with purpose.