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Download Sermon Notes (Coming Soon)



“Its the way we do life that declares what we believe”
“All of us carry equal responsibility to bring light and life into the midst of our community”

- Tim


A community is so much more than a geographical location, it speaks of a deep sense of belonging and of being a part of a supportive, caring network or family.

Our Community is a group of individuals connected via a common thread. A thread of belief, a thread of value, a thread of interest, a thread of hope, a common thread that draws us together. Community speaks of intentionality as we recognise that it is also possible for an individual to be in a vibrant location and yet remain in isolation. It is an intentional connectedness that goes beyond our geographical borders and goes deeper than our skin.

Each of us are involved at some varying degree in multiple communities, whether it is at school, at work, in business, in a faith community, an interest based gathering, a sports team or a social setting but we each carry equal responsibility to bring light and life into it’s midst. We have to make the choice to be intentional in every area of life and endeavour.

As individuals we are ambassadors and bearers of the name of Jesus Christ wherever we are. In our homes, our neighbourhoods, our schools, our shopping, our recreation, our socialising, our place of business or work.

As individuals and as the Goodlife Centre we are actively engaged with our local community and region through relationships, connectedness, service and support and we desire to build meaningful relationships with those around us.

Through these connections and partnerships with other Churches, organisations, businesses and community support agencies we continue to grow as a recognised part of the cohesive development efforts that are taking place across the Sunshine Coast region today.


Listed below are just some of the great organisations that Goodlife partners with to connect with our community.
Check them out, find a connection, get involved.